Episode – Choose Your Story – A Complete Story Based Game

Episode – Choose Your Story – A Complete Story Based Game 

In the world, the majority of individuals are engaged in playing the games. By it, they are trying to spend the free time by avoiding all types of stress. If you are finding the best game for such purposes then you should consider the Episode – Choose Your Story. By playing it, you are able to make lots of fun and get entertained without any type of barriers. The players are required to perform different types of activities in the game. It allows the players for creating an own virtual world which is full of stories.

The game is featured with some pre-designed or created stories. In this way, you can participate in the thousands of the stories and enjoy them. In case anyone is not interested or do not want to play with these stories then they can create own. For it, the players should be creative and they execute the ideas & provide them the shape of a story.

Enjoy numerous stories

As we discussed above the game includes numerous stories. All stories are related to different types of concepts. From all the players are able to get a different type of entertainment. Here you can see several types of stories those are created under various categories such as – love. Reading and participating in all these types of stories are providing lots of entertainment. With it, you can get a valuable experience from these things and make the life more enjoyable.

The stories are based on different types of things such as – college days, romance, dating and so on. If anyone loves the movies then he/she can enjoy the movie kind of stories. In these types of stories, the players become a part where a bad character following a girl. The players have numerous options like these ones. In case you have any type of creative and impressive story then you can execute it here.

Different categories

In the game, the most important thing which makes it enjoyable is related to the stories. When you start playing the game then have numerous options. Mainly these options are appearing due to the availability of different categories of stories. The players are able to enjoy all phases and types of the stories with a different kind of elements. You are able to enjoy all these stories endless time. The stories will never come to an end. There are numerous new stories added by the developers on the routine basis and following are some genres of stories –

•         Thriller

•         Comedy

•         Suspense

•         Romantic

•         Horror

With it, as you unlock new levels by clearing or completing the previous ones, similarly new and exciting stories are unlocked. Sometimes, the players get stuck on a specific level by which they are not able to explore the new one. Here the players have an option to play some other stories. The players never lose the opportunity to become a part of stories and enjoy them visit in cheatepisode.com.

Choices stories you play is a trendy online mobile game

Choices stories you play is a trendy online mobile game

Many people think that playing online mobile games are a waste of time and those games make the people addictive and deviates them from the day to day activities. Actually, it is not because the online mobiles games provide entertainment along with education, for example, online painting games, these games help the kid to identify the different color and how to use those colors in a drawing and this painting knowledge can make them a professional artist in their future.

The mobile games help the player to have mind alertness and also they can have social connections with others while playing multiplayer mode games in the mobile. The online mobile game developers release the game which is free to play because earlier days the game players spend a lot of money for games like purchasing so watch video game. The online mobile games are available in all categories like action, adventure, fantasy, crime solving, sports, etc. where the players can choose of their interest.

Choices stories you play is a different game which provides you unique feeling when you play it, and here the players can use their creative ideas in this game to engage them. This game offers a large number of stories which is in visual form, and the players are enabled to change the course of the stories by including their surprising element in the game. And there are many stories in the game, and some of them are ‘The freshman’ a love story and ‘The crown and the flame’ a kingdom – war story and ‘Most wanted’ a crime thriller story.

Useful tips for the players – dos and don’ts

The leading currency in the game is diamond, but the players are always wasting these diamonds unknowingly because they do not know it can help them a lot to finish and win the game. The diamonds are used mainly for moving through the chapters in the story and always use them on choices that you can add a specific incident in the game. To get many diamonds try to play and read many stories in the Choices Hack you play and always be the key master in the game and always be cautious of keys while playing the game.

Because when you waste the keys, unnecessarily the key refill will take place more extended time, and the player can also get keys from the reward system, but the player has to use this only in the time of urgency. The game also offers restart of the chapters to the player who has done poor performances in the previous chapter but before using this player has to know that if he clicks this button the entire progress what he made in the game will be erased and he has to start from the beginning. And if you got any feeling of bored in a particular story, you can switch to a new story and can start playing.

Tricks for the game

Before choosing the choice in the stories, the players have to understand the nature of the choice that he was going to use because an inappropriate choice can make him lose the game. If the choices are small, he can take them without giving the second thought about them for example if the player goes on a date in the story ‘The freshman’ he can choose the choices based on the which cloth to wear, and places for dating, etc. because this will not have much change in the game. If the choices are large, the player must be very cautious in choosing them for example in the ‘The crown and the flame’ story the player must want a potent weapon to defeat the enemy and to grab his kingdom. If the player is use a weak weapon choice in the battle that leads to loss of the war and his country, and eventually ends the game.

And always try to evaluate the choices by its effects because it can change the nature of the story and makes a fascinating one to play and read. In the Choices stories you play, the player has to choose the stories after knowing the all characters in the story. And remember the main characters such as hero, heroine, and villain and know the places of the stories happen so the player can make a special choice to the hero or heroine to make the story more interesting to play.

A Book Is A Storehouse Of Knowledge And Experience

A book is our best friend. In our society we do have friends and enemies, sometimes our own friends cheat us sometimes, However, Books won’t. Just like a good friend a Book will give a company in our idle time. A good book is equal to a hundred good friends.

Good Books Improves Our Standard Of Living

The knowledge stored up in them invites us and gives us joy. They tone up our intellectual taste they make our outlook broad. They console us when we are depressed. It is the most harmless occupation for using time in a productive manner. The bookshelves are the standing source of joy to all book-lovers. To an educated man there is no pleasure comparable to the pleasures of reading books. Books provide us with varieties of entertainment. Some give us loud laughter, some a smile, and some only an unexpressed joy.

A Well-Read Person Is Loved By All

A Book Lover is a storehouse of Information, he knows something about everything. A well-read person is a very good talker, and he can entertain us with his god talks. Those who can read books are lucky indeed. A reader of books forgets his worries for the time being and finds pleasure from it. Money cannot buy peace of mind. Power cannot heal our sorrows. Books can when all others fail.

Books Are Of Different Kinds

Some books deal with topics of general nature. Everybody likes to read those books. Some are like Fiction, Thriller, Love stories, Adventures books, those are likely attracted by youth mainly. And also few books like Autobiographies of famous persons, General knowledge books which are more important to students who prepare for competitive exams.

Select Wisely And Make A Habit Of Reading A Book

We should be very careful while we select books. Good books develop in us many qualities. A man of wide reading is a man of culture. Books, magazines, and journals do not bore us. They make our life happy. But bad books spoil our taste. Only a sincere reader of good books knows what divine pleasure he gets from reading books.