3 Simple Ways For Expand the Currency Amount in Marvel Strike Force


Are you searching for a new game? If yes then you can install the Marvel strike force. The game is inspired by the marvel series of movie, and there are lots of powerful characters like Captain America, wolverine, iron man and many more. Special skills are required for playing long in the game and for that we can go with the Marvel strike force cheats android. Such cheats are best for unlocking new heroes. The game is handy for all of us, and it is also free to download by the play store.

In the game, some currencies are used as gold, energies, and power cores. Without the proper amount of such currency, we cannot buy the new resources for playing long. To decrease your struggles for the currency, we are telling new simple ways of collecting it.

Daily missions

The gameplay is all about fighting, and there are some real-time battles for success. For grabbing the currency, you have to spend some time on daily missions. They are updated on regular time, and the amount of currency is changing rapidly.

Connect with Facebook

In the beginning, you can solve the problem of currency by sign up on facebook. We can get the rewards by sharing your achievements on the wall of your account. The players can also earn a handsome amount of currency by purchasing links. 

Watch the ads

While you are active in the game, some kinds of ads are flashing on it. The players must see such ads and get the free tabs of currency at the end of videos. The content of the advertisement is related to the game.