A Book Is A Storehouse Of Knowledge And Experience

A book is our best friend. In our society we do have friends and enemies, sometimes our own friends cheat us sometimes, However, Books won’t. Just like a good friend a Book will give a company in our idle time. A good book is equal to a hundred good friends.

Good Books Improves Our Standard Of Living

The knowledge stored up in them invites us and gives us joy. They tone up our intellectual taste they make our outlook broad. They console us when we are depressed. It is the most harmless occupation for using time in a productive manner. The bookshelves are the standing source of joy to all book-lovers. To an educated man there is no pleasure comparable to the pleasures of reading books. Books provide us with varieties of entertainment. Some give us loud laughter, some a smile, and some only an unexpressed joy.

A Well-Read Person Is Loved By All

A Book Lover is a storehouse of Information, he knows something about everything. A well-read person is a very good talker, and he can entertain us with his god talks. Those who can read books are lucky indeed. A reader of books forgets his worries for the time being and finds pleasure from it. Money cannot buy peace of mind. Power cannot heal our sorrows. Books can when all others fail.

Books Are Of Different Kinds

Some books deal with topics of general nature. Everybody likes to read those books. Some are like Fiction, Thriller, Love stories, Adventures books, those are likely attracted by youth mainly. And also few books like Autobiographies of famous persons, General knowledge books which are more important to students who prepare for competitive exams.

Select Wisely And Make A Habit Of Reading A Book

We should be very careful while we select books. Good books develop in us many qualities. A man of wide reading is a man of culture. Books, magazines, and journals do not bore us. They make our life happy. But bad books spoil our taste. Only a sincere reader of good books knows what divine pleasure he gets from reading books.