Latest five features of Instagram you need to know

We have meet with several social media app which contains several interesting aspects. Social media apps are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Instagram is one of the most exciting social media apps which are full of privacy. The user can post their pictures and make privacy for those who can see your photo, and the rest of them are not able to see.

Most of the time if the user forgets the password of their Instagram account, then there is no need to worry. On Google, everything can be possible you need to search how to crack Instagram password?  Then you will get all the information about cracking the Instagram password.

Features of Instagram

•         Here the user can post the pictures and videos, and if you want, then you can make some editing by using several filters and creativity tools.

•         The best thing about is that one can combine the multiple clips into a single video.

•         If you want, then people can see your posts. That means if a person follows you and until when you want to follow them, then they can see your post.

•         The best part is that you can share several photos and videos on Instagram stories for 24 hours. After 24 hours it will automatically be deleted from your account.

•         Go live and connect with your friends for a short time.

Thus, these are some features of Instagram that you need to know. Try this social media app which is full of authentic features.