Mafia city Tips & Strategies and Gameplay features

Let’s Find Out-

Mafia City is a war game between the mafias of many bigger cities. A strategy game develops by YottaGames. One of the perfect strategy games on play store with over 4.5 review rating. Mafia fights are real-time wars, you can use every member of your team, and with each weapon we have. Unlockable things and upgradable are below –


·         Buy Buildings

·         Gang members

·         Upgrade buildings, gang members strength & weapons

·         Luxury cars and choppers

Gameplay features

Starting from bank robbery to most feared Mafia, there is so much in between to complete in the game. Complete daily missions and competitive mission that will help you reach on higher levels. Mafia City is both 3D and HD, you can do zoom anywhere at you want and check the condition of resources and while fighting you can zoom-in at villains. It is a real-time strategy game so you must use better attacks strategies while attacking and defending at the same time.

With the crew member you can attack anywhere on the map you want, a thing to remember is it that you should update the team after every attack. Fights take energy, and restoring energy is a must. The team member will be arm with guns, vehicles, knives & bombs even they are willing to fight with fists. In the maps, you can find higher loots mafias and make them will reward you will receive much cash and gold. Gold and cash help you in purchasing buildings and customize the strength of the empire.