Role of Chests in the game of Golf Clash

Role of Chests in the game of Golf Clash

Golfer of the world like to play team game and they most enjoy with new and advance features of the game whenever there are some improvements in the game. So, Golf Clash game fulfils all their needs because more new features have been added in that such as chests and balls of the game.

Before start playing player must be well aware about these new updates. Player of the game begins the game with merely one club and only one type of ball. With the skill improvement and advancement of game player becomes able to have and unlock more clubs and balls. For this player can either use chests of the game or can use Golf Clash Hack tool. With both these options player gets the accessories of the game.

Role of chests in Golf Clash game

The role of different chests is vital in the game as player gets lots of things such as gems and accessories. If player is lucky enough then he gets rare chest. There are wooden chests, silver chests, gold chests, platinum chests and so on. Player gains coins, gems, club cards and golf balls for different modes and as per weather pattern. For example player can have resistance ball to avoid all types of weather.

Gems and coins currency

Player of the game is rewarded with gems and coins after each achievement. Coins take the player to next level and challenge with completion of tasks. Player may also get accessories of the game. Gems buy premium items of the game for player. Special balls of the game can also be gained by gems. Golf Clash Hack also does the same for its player to lead on the path of victory.

Different Golf Balls

Here player is offered by different purposes balls with different qualities. These balls can be defined as Wind Balls to protect from wind, sidespin Balls to get a side spin when there are obstacle on the way to hole, Power Balls and Resistance Balls to resist anything in the game of Golf Clash.